Cotton Kitchen towel set

About Us

Sure Grip Kitchen Towels ™ are made from 100% cotton in a variety of weaves. Our innovative, food-grade, heat resistant silicone backing in the the center of the towel, Sure Grip Kitchen Towels ™ won’t slip off the appliance pull. No more straining your back picking up the towel off the dirty floor! Opening difficult lids on jars is now a breeze and it will even provide extra grip when handling delicate glassware. These exquisite towels, perfect for gifting and add a touch of contemporary flair to your kitchen. Why let it slip, when you can use Sure Grip.

Our Story

While pregnant with my daughter, I found myself endlessly bending down to pick up a kitchen towels that refused to stay put on the oven handle. The daily chore became almost unbearable. I couldn't help but think there had to be a more practical solution. Then, inspiration struck – why not add silicone to the back of the towels to keep it securely in place? And there you have it, patent pending, Sure Grip Kitchen Towels ™ were born.

I hope every individual gets as much delight from this innovation as we do. Crafted with a focus on both function and style, Sure Grip Kitchen Towels ™ was created to simplify life in the kitchen for all of us! You’ll never get bored of the designs as we’re always updating our collection with you in mind.